The objective of International Politics 30 is to give the student an understanding of the development and importance of international relations.  This understanding is brought about by examining such concepts as balance of power, dynastic marriages, territorial rivalry, ideological rivalry, international peace forums and international economic relations.

Description: The High School Yoga course offers students the opportunity to study yoga as a subject in its own right. It is designed to introduce students, safely, to the basic postures (asanas), breathing techniques, and relaxation methods of yoga.

Prerequisite: none

This course will cover the outcomes of Anthropology, World Geography 30, Western World History 30, International Politics 30 and World Relgions 30.  

Students will explore the complex webs of human interaction from the dawn of human development through a variety of texts before developing their own discovery based learning hypotheses which they will test through rigourous gameplay on a variety of world builder videogames including Civilization V.